Nashville Company is about gaining your own power and to search for the good energies in life. It was founded with a rebellious spirit and a single role, to make things that matters last, for yourself as well as for the planet.

The vision is all about an authentic, creative label that celebrates the love and feel of country and rock n' roll lifestyle.  There's nothing complicated about it. Good stuff for good people.

Nashville Company works with all who share a similar outlook inspiration. Everything is done, designed or hand picked with integrity, passion and made to last.

To create that space of well-being Nashville Company is all about

Nashville Company wants to share good moments. All our products have a story behind. Like when visiting Chef Emeril Lagasse New Orleans restaurant. At the bar we start talking to two young women in love ending their dinner with some sweet cotton candy on a stick. Their place was soon taken by Jack who tell us the story about when he offered his daughter Dom Perignon on her Wedding Day and she asked fora shot of Pappy Van Winkle instead. Before I knew Jack had ordered three shots of this exquisite Bourbon and the secret of her choice was revealed. Thank you, Jack, for that cotton smooth, memorable moment - now all put together in this scented candle "Pappy". 

Another story is about that energy, the strenght in life and what music and running can do to get you back on track again. One winter morning in Frötuna I went out for a run and it was so pitch black I could barely see where I put down my feet. I heard the crackling snow while hitting the country road taking me out of the dark forest. It was so quite. Imagine. No cars. No lights. Not a soul in sight. And then the first tune from Foo Fighters .."Wake up...Run for your life with me".
Nothing could have felt stronger and more powerful. I just had to put that feeling down in the "mixed rock lyrics t-shirts". Foo Fighters, Metallica, Neil Young, Volbeat, Chris Stapleton and for ever Joni Mitchell. Just to mention a few of my heroes. 

Dr Seuss. Seen on a painting of the wall in Restaurant Salt, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Going back to my childhood years in Tanzania and the turquoise island of Zanzibar. Just a few hundred meters from the house I used to live in I met Prisca Lazaro at Kipilipili Expo in Oyster Bay. And we have had contact since then. Check out her Nashy Bashy Basket and Easy Peasy Bag. We can empower women and local crafts people through buying their products. And all with a design that makes your heart go warm. 

Based outside Stockholm, Sweden, Nashville Company was founded in 2018 after a trip to Nashville, Tennessee and a concert with Foo Fighters at Bridgestone Arena. Well back home in Sweden I was just filled with so much great energy to create that space of well-being Nashville is all about.

If you have any questions, if you want to join us or just get in contact give us a holler at

Thanks for visiting us,
Charlotta Volgsten Forberg, Founder.

I listen to Radio Bandit while driving my car, Zombieland - the movie - makes me laugh, the album "For the rest of our life" by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw makes me fall in love, I am a fan of Woody Harrelson, I respect people who has the guts to stand for something, like the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård and the Swedish lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz both who has been criticized and hanged out in Swedish media.